Examining the Increase in Damaging Hailstorms Across Colorado

Colorado experiences a high frequency of hail storms, making it one of the top states for hail damage. According to State Farm’s annual hail report, Colorado has surpassed other states in terms of hail damage, with 42,414 claims totaling $218 million for vehicle damage in the past year (Heilman, 2019). This is not surprising considering that Colorado is located in an area known as ‘Hail Alley,’ which consistently experiences the most severe hail storms in the country. The high elevation of the region plays a role in this phenomenon, as hail does not have enough time to melt and turn into rain before reaching the ground (Gardener, 2019). The following video provides more information about Colorado’s record-breaking hail.

Are Hail Storms in Colorado Becoming More Severe?

Unfortunately, it is predicted that hail storms and damage in Colorado will worsen in the coming years. Researchers from the National Center for Atmospheric Research have suggested that climate change will lead to stronger thunderstorms, which in turn will result in larger hailstones. Stronger thunderstorms allow hail to circulate within the cloud layer for longer periods, favoring the formation of larger hailstones (Childs, 2018). This trend of larger hail sizes has already started, with a hailstone measuring a record-breaking 4.83 inches in diameter documented in Colorado in August 2019 (Bianchi, 2019). Therefore, we should expect an increase in the frequency and severity of hail storms and damage in the future.

Staying Safe During a Hail Storm

Hail storms are dangerous and can cause serious injuries to individuals, as well as damage to homes, crops, and vehicles. It is never safe to be outside during a hail storm, even if the hailstones are small. It is crucial to prioritize your safety by seeking shelter indoors as soon as possible and enduring the storm.

Driving during a hail storm can be extremely hazardous, and it is advised to avoid doing so whenever possible. If you find yourself driving in a hail storm, it is important to pull over and seek cover immediately. The impact of hailstones can be intensified when driving at high speeds, potentially causing irreparable damage to your vehicle and putting your safety at risk.

There are usually signs that indicate the approach of a hail storm, such as dark green tinted clouds or a sudden change in temperature. If you can predict a hail storm using these methods or receive advance warning, there are certain precautions you can take. For your car, if parking it indoors is not an option, you can reduce the impact of hail by covering it with a blanket or similar cushioning material. However, protecting larger assets like your home or crops can be more challenging.

We Are Here to Help You

While we may expect an increase in the frequency and severity of hail storms and damage in the coming years, DentPassPlus is here to assist you with your automobile hail damage. We specialize in paintless dent repair to make the process fast, easy, and convenient for you. While we cannot change the weather, we can ensure that repairing your vehicle from hail damage is a smooth experience.

If you would like information on how to initiate the auto hail repair process, please watch the following video or contact us directly.